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Summarize Climate Reports with AI

Climate reports, known for their length, information density, and technical jargon, are challenging to digest. There's a growing need for efficient summarization tools to make these reports more accessible and understandable.

Summary with AI is a great way to read Climate reports efficiently. Our application can handle PDF uploads up to 200 MB in size, transforming dense reports into a 1-2 page overview followed by a detailed summary. This summary, which is about 20% of the original report's length, is created to ensure comprehensiveness, capturing essential information from all pages.

Summary with AI is great for climate analysts, academic researchers, and climate policy professionals. It helps them grasp the crux of dense reports swiftly, aiding in informed decision-making and research.

The process is straightforward: upload a PDF, generate a summary, and download summary as a PDF.

Here's a summary of the Perspectives of Global and Domestic Companies on Advanced Chemistry Cells Battery Reuse and Recycling from NITI Aayog generated with this application. The original document is 2.7MB in size and has 112 pages. The summary is 58KB (2% of orginal) in size and has only 9 pages.

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