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AI in Finance: Read Corporate Annual Reports

Corporate annual reports are a goldmine of information but sifting through them is time-consuming and often tedious. The sheer volume of data and the detailed narrative can make comprehending these reports a daunting task, especially when dealing with multiple documents.

Summary with AI is a great way to read corporate annual reports efficiently. Our application can handle PDF uploads up to 200 MB in size, transforming dense reports into a 1-2 page overview followed by a detailed summary. This summary, which is about 20% of the original report's length, is created to ensure comprehensiveness, capturing essential information from all pages.

Summary with AI is great for finance professionals, analysts, investors, and fund managers. It significantly enhances productivity by allowing users to quickly grasp the core contents of multiple reports, aiding in faster decision-making and analysis.

Here's a summary of the NVIDIA 2023 Annual Report generated with this application.The original document is 42MB in size and has 169 pages. The summary is 88KB (2% of orginal) in size and has only 18 pages.

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